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15 June 2018

Goals - OKR

by Allen Plummer

I recently listened to a TED talk by John Doerr. I discovered something that I’ve not heard before: a succint understanding of goals-objectives-metrics in such a way that makes sense.

The system (if it can be called that) is called “OKR”, or (O)bjectives, (K)ey (R)esults. This has been around for 30 years, and is the basis of Google and other forward thinking companies’ goal setting frameworks.

The concept is very simple:


As you think about your current goals and mission, discover the “Why”. Why is it important? Is it meaningful? Is it audacious? This is qualitative, not quantitative.

Goals are:

Key Results

Key results map to goals, and describe the “How” the “What” will be measured as successful. How do you know that it’s accomplished?

Key Results are:

Other Frameworks

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